About Us

ChemAdvise’s special strength lies in our insistence on having highly skilled consultants with the ability and the will to work in cross-professional teams to solve the customers’ problems. This approach makes ChemAdvise a very competent partner in complex projects.

Unlike many other consultancies, we believe that individual freedom is the key to each person’s involvement and development. In concrete terms this means that the customer, the consultant and Chemadvise reach mutual agreements which form the basis of an actual business contract ensuring the customer our full commitment and advice from the same consultant throughout the entire process.

We want an organization where each consultant is personally responsible to the customer and for the task at hand and that’s why we are completely open about our consultants and their qualifications.

Chemadvise’s business model is a cross between a traditional consultancy and a freelance model; the individual consultant and the team are independent cost centers and therefore, the fee is directly proportional to the results.

New consultants are employed by the teams themselves to ensure that the high skills level is maintained. We want to have highly skilled consultants who are already in the specific field. Therefore are some of our consultant already in the industry, and step in when a project in there specific field calls.

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